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Originally Posted by krz View Post
Same Old Bills

we suck
r u saying they are SOB's???

I'm a Jets fan and was indeed surprised we jelled so well in Week 1 after our atrocious preseason. How much was due to the Bills? I guess we'll see in Blitzburgh on Sunday. It's a national game, 2nd part of the CBS doubleheader. My Viking boss better get his fanny back to work to relieve me at 4pm!

Has anyone run a non-betting weekly pool on this board? If there's enough interest and everybody agrees to post just once each week with all their picks, I'll play. I'm a little cramped on time and computer access to run it but it's an idea if someone wants to take the ball. I get in a local $5 game so it might help me focus more sharply before the Saturday deadline (no Thursday games are included).
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