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Recap from my blowout loss...

Nutcrushin *******s got the third-highest point total of the week from Julio Jones (25.80) to thump Johnny Carson Palmer 132.34 - 91.88. Nutcrushin *******s piled up 31.0% more points than projected (101.03) while Johnny Carson Palmer fell short of their projections and got just 84.1% of their projected 109.24 points. Michael Vick led Johnny Carson Palmer with 19.88 points while Darren McFadden brought in 18.30. Nutcrushin *******s starts the season with a 1-0 record, good enough for third place. Johnny Carson Palmer opens at 0-1 and in 10th place.

Nutcrushin *******s Smooth Moves

Julio Jones ranked third in the league in scoring with 25.80 points.
Brandon Marshall scored 22.40 points, the third-highest WR score in the league this week.
The 19.50 points scored by Demaryius Thomas was the sixth-highest score by a WR in the league this week.
5 of the 9 starters on Nutcrushin *******s exceeded their projected points.
With 18.00 points, the Baltimore Ravens Defense beat their 8.36 projected point total by a team-leading 115.3%.
Johnny Carson Palmer Regret Tracker

Johnny Carson Palmer left the 18.20 points scored by Randall Cobb on the bench this week. He beat his projected point total by 332.3%, the fourth-highest percentage in the league.
Did not start Jay Cutler, who led the team in scoring with 19.92 points.
DeAngelo Williams was last in the matchup in scoring with 0.90 points.
Only 4 of the 9 starters on Johnny Carson Palmer underachieved this week, but they still lost.
Marques Colston could not reach his projected point total, scoring only 60.3% of his 11.77-point projection with 7.10 points.
What If

Besides Johnny Carson Palmer, Nutcrushin *******s would have defeated eight other teams this week.
If Nutcrushin *******s had scored 2.91 more points, they would have beaten all teams in the league this week.
Johnny Carson Palmer would have lost to eight other teams besides Nutcrushin *******s this week.
If Johnny Carson Palmer had scored 13.85 fewer points, they would have lost to all teams in the league this week.
Game Notes

Two of the starters for Nutcrushin *******s scored higher than the leading scorer for Johnny Carson Palmer.
With 67.70 points, Nutcrushin *******s got the highest combined scoring output from the WR position for any team this week.
The 40.46-point margin of victory by Nutcrushin *******s was the second-biggest win in the league this week.
The 91.88 points put up by Johnny Carson Palmer ranked 10th in the league this week.
Nutcrushin *******s had the third-highest point total in the league this week.
Even in the loss, the 18.30 points scored by Darren McFadden was the ninth-highest score of any RB in the league this week.
Although Nutcrushin *******s won, they got little help from Michael Turner, who only put up 3.20 points of a projected 8.60.
Nutcrushin *******s beat their projected points, while Johnny Carson Palmer fell below their projection.

These seem to be new to Yahoo this year, check them out!
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