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she switched because she was told by wilson that Federer was using the new 4g. (true story). Even Serena and Venus are *******s.
That might be but here is another story about why she swithched to 4G

NEW YORK -- Serena Williams has been many things throughout her career, but conventional is not one of them.

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Serena Williams has changed some aspects of her game.
She has dipped in and out of the game, scooping up Grand Slams in between dealing with injuries, designing dresses, pursuing acting roles, doing manicures and hawking products on the Home Shopping Network.

Now, at 30, Williams is playing as well as ever -- maybe better than ever. And she's doing it in a way that's very unconventional, for her -- by being conventional.

Perhaps her biggest -- and quietest -- concession to prevailing norms has been a switch from natural gut to hybrid strings. Serena and older sister Venus were almost the last players left on tour to still play only with traditional gut -- the just-retired Kim Clijsters was another -- but both Williamses have now made the move to using a combination of gut and polyester strings.

Serena began to try various types after Miami this March, where she lost in the quarterfinals, and debuted her new strings in Charleston in April.

"Obviously she likes it -- she's lost only two matches with that string," said Serena's hitting partner, Sasha Bajin.

The 14-time Grand Slam champ had previously been wary of making such a move, so Bajin was surprised, but pleased, when she first communicated the idea to him.

"I've been suggesting it to her for a while to just go try it but to be honest, she played so great with the natural gut before, it's kind of hard because it's a big step for a player, to switch a racket or switch strings," he said. "I don't know, from one day [to] the other, she was, 'Hey, you know what I want to try this,' and she bought strings."

Her equipment reps supplied her with various types to experiment with, including the angled-edge variety which is supposed to help players create more spin, which she didn't like.

"The string itself is a little bit rough on the outside, so she kind of didn't like that," Bajin said. "Finally, she found one that she does like."

Serena settled on a combination with Wilson natural gut in the mains (the strings which go from the top to the bottom of the racket) and Luxilon 4G in the crosses (the horizontal strings).
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