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Originally Posted by Darkhors View Post
I don't mind the rule at all, it gets more people involved and as said before, most of the 1 singles guys are probably 5.0's anyway. I also think the idea of making them play 1S is that they essentially have to play against the other 5.0, if there is one. The USTA finally did ONE thing right by adding this exception.

Yes, but...

It also means, if you are playing against a team that has a good 5.0, and you don't have a 5.0 on your team, then you know exactly which line the opponent 5.0 is going to be playing. And you can stack your lineup accordingly and feed a sheep to the wolf

I think it's going to be hit or miss for the 5.0s. They will get some good matches against other 5.0s or top 4.5, but then will have to suffer through some blowouts of helpless lower 4.5 sacrifices.
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