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Originally Posted by JohnnyCracker View Post
Djokovic loss and somehow JBF still butt-hurt to the point that he actually complement master MTO Nadal for not pulling his usual stunt at a particular time LOL
the butt-hurt is too strong with this one
it's incureable
This, honestly, it's hilarious.

JBF#1 always had it in for Novak.

Sure, I don't condone Novak asking an MTO at that particular point of the match but that hardly makes him the worst sportsman ever.

Not to mention that from what I've seen Novak concedes points (when he knows the umpire is wrong) to his opponents more often than other top pros and he also doesn't act like his whole family died or something whenever he loses a big tennis match but instead warmly congratulates the opponent, he's one of the best "losers" in tennis I've ever seen, especially among top stars.

Again, he's far from perfect, but worst sportsman ever? What a load of crap.
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