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Full set or hybrid: full set.
Tension used for playtest: 56 lbs
Regular string set up: Solinco Tour Bite 17
Racquet brand and model used for test: Tecnifibre TFight 320 VO2 max
Power of test string: Low to low moderate
Feel: Felt like a cross between Lux Ace and Pro Hurricane Tour 18 gauge
Spin: High kick serves, but lower trajectory on my Western groundies
Comfort: Smooth and stiff like Pro Hurricane Tour
Durability: Don't know, seems like the coating would last. Sold the racquet to my friend.
Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable) Not sure, my friend has the racquet now.
Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) High amount of control, like the other testers noted. For a hard hitter, not for the pusher.
Compare to the string you use most often: Pro Hurricane Tour
Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) I might drop it down to 53 or 54.
Summary: I would like this string for tournaments where I would want control on all my shots and if I were to hit flatter drives. But for regular club play, sometimes I would want the spin and trajectory of Solinco Tour Bite or Barb Wire. I wouldn't pay beyond $15 a set. But even then, I think I would rather use Alu Rough, for a touch more spin. I can get Pro Hurricane Tour for 9.99 a set and I don't know if the extra resiliency is worth $5+ more.
I apologize for the late review. I received the string a little later due to my address. Thank you for the chance to try the string, TW/Luxilon.
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