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Originally Posted by Blitzball View Post
They feel similar, yeah.
The Juice Pro feels nothing like the PD.

Certainly not the pre-2012 PD, which has that typical Babolat slightly hollow/tinny feel. The JP is a significantly more solid feeling.

The 2012 PD would be a better comparison - though you're still talking big differences in weight - and the 2012 PDR better still in terms of comparison, but in all cases, the JP is still the more solid feeling stick.

Personally, I'd prefer it if the JP had a fraction more flex in the throat so you can feel the head whipping through the contact zone rather than the whole racquet swinging as one piece. That said it's still not as stiff as the PD/PDRs. Wilson QC remains an issue in all cases. TW matching remains a must.

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