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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Not sure. Rafa hasn't won anything off clay since 2010. Hard to tell how he's gonna fare in 2013 especially after such a long break (6 months). I know Fed is having a glorious year but still he will be pushing 32 next year. Even this year he didn't dominate the slams. And he is in top form, so I really don't think it will happen next year either. If anything, Fed's stellar form could drop a bit next year even in best of 3. By the way, kind of off topic but I've just realized Djoko has never beaten Murray during summer hard court!! They played once in Canada and Murray won, twice in Cincy and Murray won and now once in USO and Murray won. Djoko only dominates slow hard courts: AO and Miami. I would love a Rafa/Murray domination of the tour in 2013. I hope it happens but it all depends on how well Rafa can recover. I definitely don't believe Fed will ever dominate the slams again. It's completely up to him when to pull the plug but I know if I were him, I wouldn't wait too long at this point. He achieved his "post 30" goals: getting an Olympic medal, 1 more slam and the #1 ranking back. It's all downhill from here and I would leave while still on top if I were him (maybe at the end of next year or after AO 2014).
Kinda hard to keep reading after seeing that.
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