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PMac fed that reporter the USTA line that USTA creates champions, all the great champions (with the exception of Williams) pass through the USTA. Of course NO champions have been produced by USTA. Fanatical tennis families produce champions, usually the youngest kid becomes a great player. Roddick (youngest of three bros), the 2 Macs (2 youngest of three bros), Chang (youngest of 2 bros), Agassi (youngest of three kids), Evert (older bro John), etc etc. Or the kid is raised by tennis pro parent - Querrey (mom was pro), Young (both parents pros), Fish (father was pro), Sampras (Pete Fischer played that role), Connors (mother was fanatic), Tracy Austin (mother was pro, older brother), etc. There are some exceptions - Lindsay Davenport's parents didn't even attend some of her grand slam finals, no siblings as far as I can tell. But basically if you're going to be a pro in the US you need a) fanatical parent or b) older bros who play tennis. PMac and USTA are irrelevant.
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