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Default THE tournament ball thread

Am I the only one that gets annoyed when I show up to a tournament and I'm playing on SSSSLLLOOOWWWW hard courts(when I hit the ball with minimal pace there was a felt mark on the court) and the TD gives us Regular Duty balls and I say something and he shrugs and says w/e? Well, after the first set the balls had no felt whatsoever (pretty much) and I was kinda not happy (if that makes sense) with the balls (not b/c I was losing, I won the first set easily) and I went to the TD and lectured him on the difference between Reg Duty and XD balls. I proceeded to lead him to the proshop to point out the two different cans, and he gave me some BS along the lines of they are for hard courts b/c they say US OPEN on them and I told him thats just marketing crap. He gave us a new can of balls after I taught him how to read the can..... UGH!

AND, the REAL purpose of this thread is to list what different kinds of balls you have played with in tournaments and complaints etc...
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