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Originally Posted by Danny_G13 View Post
Kindly don't lecture me as to what I can and cannot say.
I was suggesting not making erroneous claims which aren't backed up by the statistics in the specific example you referred to.

If you would like to make arguments based on false data please, by all means, see how well it is received on the forum.
Originally Posted by Danny_G13 View Post
The simple fact is he makes more unforced errors now than he used to. To suggest it doesn't affect the outcome is simply misguided (his record since they increased has deteriorated)
Only when he's not playing well. His matches against his top peers this year have been better in that regards than 2010 or 2011.

If you want to make the point that he has more oddball matches such as the loss to Berdych (or Roddick at Miami) then do. You don't need to link them to his form when he's playing as well as he usually does. Form which has seen him beat Djokovic the last two times (including a bagel set) and Murray the past few also... and Nadal 2 of the last 3 times off clay courts (also including a bagel set).

Or, is the argument he can only win when the others aren't playing well?

Originally Posted by Danny_G13 View Post
Regardless of outcome. They've gone up. Are you going to actually dispute that?
Nope. Just in the example you used.

You do realise that the unforced error rate is completely irrelevant when considered by itself? Someone could hit twice as many as they used to but if they're also hitting twice as many winners they're not actually doing any worse.

Sure, he's not rolling people as he did in 2007-ish... but it's not all him. His opponents have improved considerably also - especially the upper echelon.

Originally Posted by Danny_G13 View Post
He can still do it now and again, I didn't say he couldn't, but it's bizarre to suggest that his victory at Wimbledon means it's invalid to point out 24 months of no slams.
I never said you said he couldn't and I never said his Wimbledon victory makes two years without a major irrelevant. It is simply facetious use of the available statistics to suggest one thing based on a two year blank which has now been broken. History shows us that many players have two year blanks and then come back with a string of great results. Agassi is the perfect example...
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