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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
r u saying they are SOB's???

I'm a Jets fan and was indeed surprised we jelled so well in Week 1 after our atrocious preseason. How much was due to the Bills? I guess we'll see in Blitzburgh on Sunday. It's a national game, 2nd part of the CBS doubleheader. My Viking boss better get his fanny back to work to relieve me at 4pm!

Has anyone run a non-betting weekly pool on this board? If there's enough interest and everybody agrees to post just once each week with all their picks, I'll play. I'm a little cramped on time and computer access to run it but it's an idea if someone wants to take the ball. I get in a local $5 game so it might help me focus more sharply before the Saturday deadline (no Thursday games are included).
I wouldn't get too excited. It was the Bills, the perennial AFC East cellar team. Words can't express my feelings towards the Bills after that game.

1. Ryan PicksHatTrick... I'm sorry Fitzpatrick. My god is he bad. That pick to Cromartie... I mean what could he have possibly... I don't even know. 59mil for a pickle machine. Even sadder is that one of the few bright spots was that our O-Line played very well and he still threw 3 terrible picks.

2. That "Vaunted" defense line. Marcell Dareus, Meatball Kyle Williams, and our 100mil dollar man super mario. No pressure, 0 sacks. Really? I know we didn't blitz but, c'mon with what we are paying those guys we should be able to get at least a little pressure with a 4 man rush ala the Giants. I never would've paid 100mil to a guy who had his best season 5 years ago and then he complains about the refs and not calling illegal hands to the face? **Keyshawn Voice** C'mon man! We gave you 100mil do something!

3. Stephen Hill who I wanted the Bills to draft rnd2 this April shat all over us. Burned our #1 Gilmore on a double move.

4. If we don't give CJ Spiller the ball all game next week, Chan should be fired. Last season was the same problem. Our best players are both RB's and we dont' use them enough.

Have I mentioned how bad Ryan PicksHatTrick is? mother of god. I can't even begin to think about what Tom Brady would do to this team.

/end rant

same old bills.
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