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Originally Posted by Pro_Tour_630 View Post
KK where have you been
Two businesses AND coaching kinda kept me away. I'm not as regularly on TT as I used to be. Thanks for noticing.....

HS tennis coach here and I agree with Pat. The USTA just funded our elementary school and middle school courts. We are starting the programs and getting kids to start early and get them through the pip line to HS tennis.
The USTA does seem to be making better moves these last few years. Good!

Problem is our local private tennis academies are selling a dream not to play HS tennis if they want to make it to D1, which is sad. I had two top players fall for the snake oil only to come back and play for my team and do well which gave one of them an edge to get into Yale.

So take that USTA!!!!!!!
So, are you *with* the USTA ... or against them?

- KK
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