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Thumbs up Giving a shout out to Gamma Hi-Tech grip

Years ago, I had some frames that had their original grips replaced with Gamma Hi-Tech. I always liked them and never used overgrips. The durability of the Hi-Tech was outrageous and would last at least a year, if not more. But since then, I've gone to a leather grip with an overgrip on my frames. I've been happy to replace the overgrip every couple of matches at the cost of around a buck per grip. But in all honesty, it would cost me a good chunk of change every month to continually replace overgrips.

Just recently, I purchased a used racquet and the original owner had replaced the grip with a Gamma Hi-Tech. Wow, I had forgotten how great this grip was! No need for overgrip -- this thing doesn't get slippery and it doesn't cause blisters. It's just a solid grip with great feel and does not slip.

At $4.25 per grip, you can easily use this for an entire season without wearing it out or seeing any drop in performance. Compare that to a typical $4+ for a 3-pack of overgrips that end up being replaced every couple of days and the cost savings is considerable.

Anyway, I was pretty excited to re-discover this grip and I doubt I'll ever go back to leather + overgrip again. Kudos to Gamma for offering such a high-quality replacement grip at a reasonable price.
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