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Originally Posted by F L O B B E R View Post
When I look at pics of National teams I don't envy them or even respect them. I assume they are a bunch of sandbagging asshats.

Too bad. Your stereotype is far from universal.

Just got back from MS 3.5 Sr. regionals. The team which won were better than us and the other teams, but not THAT much, and clearly not sandbaggers. Some will, deservedly, move up to 4.0, as will a couple players from our team. I can vouch for the players on our team who may move up to 4.0 that they are not sandbaggers at all -- most have played MANY years at 3.5 with good but not great records. But, as a team we practice a lot, work with the club pro, and believe that even pushing 60 we can improve. As a result, some guys who never even made it to Districts until 3 years ago have participated in their second Sectionals, actually winning a few courts this time around. That is a thrill, and getting pushed to the 4.0 level, where they will probably not live long enough to see District or Sectional play, is its own reward. A few of the guys on our team went to Nationals as 3.0's 20 years ago. Now, are they sandbagging today playing 3.5? Were they azzhats then because they got the thrill of topping out at their level? Baloney...

Talking about it afterward, we saw much of the same in the winning team. Good guys, good players who will compete OK at 4.0 when they get bumped but certainly at the low end of the band. From talking to them I could see they were about getting better and competing against the best (within reason) players they could. I RESPECT that, and there is no envy. Indeed, I will follow how they do at Nationals and wish them the best.
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