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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
My take is that sandbagging exists but >90% of it is from self-rated players who have for one reason or another rated too low. I think the NTRP algorithm does a pretty good job of sorting out self-rated players after their first year except for a few odd cases here and there.

Most of the self-rated sandbaggers I've encountered were just clueless about where they should be rated perhaps because they didn't get good advice on what level at which to rate. I have seen very little evidence of players who are clearly out of level trying to stay at their current level by managing their scores. I'm sure it happens but I've not seen it.
I agree. Grossly exaggerated tales are floating around but, really, very few competitors can live with themselves doing this just to score a couple plastic trophies and the odd T-shirt. I have seen people challenge their bump-ups, but usually for a medical condition that may have cropped up after they got bumped, or they had played "up" a few matches during the season and got routinely killed so their confidence was quite low.

I saw much more of this when I was much younger playing only Adult League. Now that I play mostly Senior, it almost never happens. I think you gain perspective with age...
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