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Default I love silicone, what about you?

Not talking about Pamela Sue here, that's a different thread.
This has to do with frames, gentlemen, if you please.
I took 3 identical Head Prestige Pro frames and tested them with
1. No silicone in handle
2. A small amount in handle
3. A whacking amount in handle
All frames were strung with full RPM Blast @ 50 lbs
Massive play test ensued and the consensus was.............
Frame no. 1 felt like a rapier
Frame no.2 a little more capable of damage
Frame no. 3 was a Monster.
Very responsive, heavy ball, no arm pain or strain, heavenly.
Then I balanced it, it was Very head light, sooooo.....
I added lead tape (4 inch lengths at 10 and 2) WOW
I don't know what else to say, even better. The serve just had so much
weight and direction, the groundies are locked in and better yet after 2+
hours of absolute banging, not even the slightest twinge
Even better the racquet doesn't even feel that heavy, it just feels solid.
I hit with the Volkl PB 10 Mid and Babolat Pro Storm Tour for comparison
and it was laughable. The Volkl was way too flexy and the Bab was a club.
There's a reason that the Prestige hairpin has been around so long and I think that you can see that reflected in the amazing players who still use it like Tommy Haas and Berdych and Cilic. Don't let the paint job fool you.
This is a great stick and having silicone in your hand may be just what the Doctor ordered if you know what I mean LOL
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