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Originally Posted by 10s4US View Post
These are my suggestions observations cause I care, am knowledgable and am John Q Public served. I am not rich. l work with and see kids all over the country that want to play natls and cant. I work with kids and have my own kids that did and do Natls now. While the topic may have been discussed here it is still very much alive and present needing more light the better.Shared over 200 views in 7 hours, time to share well worth it.
No storming here just asking for modern communication.
Freedom of speech and choice ,Buddy
Relax, buddy.

If you take the time to read what has already been posted, you will find I am on your side, probably no stronger advocate for you position, buddy.

I wasnt making accustations, I was just trying to I give you a friendly heads up, but nevermind, buddy.
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