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Originally Posted by syke View Post
PP, knowing you have a sensitive arm, I am a little hesitant on recommending you anything stiff...

It is stiffer than the YPTP but it softens out after a couple of hours, durability is about the same. It does get more powerful/trampoline like once the stringbed has soften up, so that's a minus point for predictability.

Freshly strung, the control and spin is just awesome with the right amount of power. However, I know others here prefer the string better after it has broken in, with more pocketing and power.

But what I really like about this string is the crisp cheap plasticky feel, lol.. The feel of the ball leaving the stringbed almost immediately upon impact, accompanied with a loud distintive twat. To be honest, it's quite the opposite to the YPTP in terms of feel.

FYI, I do like the SPPP as well, SPPP has a really nice pop but just a little too powerful for my taste. That's why I ended up with the YPTS. If you like the SPPP, there is a good possibility the YPTS might work out for you.

Try it if you are game, just remember to cut it out if it's too stiff for you.
Syke, I ended up hybriding my YTPS in my PD and it softens it up just enough for my taste. Firm but not stiff with plenty of controlable power and spin. Next up is the YTP but thinking I may go full bed in this one due to the softness. I am also sorely tempted to try YTS/YTP and would have done so by now if I had a 2nd PD.
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