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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
Absolutely not. 5-6 grams is fine, but when I see/hear that people are putting 15g or more on the hoop or anywhere else I have to wonder why they don't just find a better match that doesn't need so much alteration.
Because sometimes there isn't anything out there that is a better match.

For example, I've found that my ideal frame is something with a roundish 100" head and 18x20 string pattern (Speed MP 18x20, EXO Tour 18x20, 200 Plus). But, I play best with a very high swingweight that allows me to generate power with smooth swings rather than fast swings. So, my only option is to buy one of the frames listed above and add a bunch of lead.

If someone were to make a frame that was closer to my liking in stock form, then I would switch to it. But, no one does at the moment, so I don't have that option.
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