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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
As a junior I would always take headshots at guys like this when they came to the net. Then when they made the error, I would say the same thing they were saying (yes..cmon..whatever it was). That always worked. Coming from a football background, I found most tennis players in the juniors to be pretty easy to screw with. The toughest guys were all on my team..we were all multisport guys who played football and baseball for years so we had dealt with everything by age 10 or so.
That's an interesting point I never thought about.

Maybe tennis juniors are a little "soft" for the most part, but as a parent, I usually did expect that each player would play fairly and be a good sport.

Of course that did not happen all the time, but based on what you say, I would guess that most kids in other sports expect the trash talk and gamesmanship.
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