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Exactly. And we were all fighters. We would fight each other before matches So the country club kids would try and talk trash on the court to other teams but they would see us pummeling each other in the parking lot and think twice. To us, it was no big deal, we just were aggressive and all wanted to be the king of the hill. I am literally still friends with some of the guys I fought the most to this day. It is funny how that works.

In my experience the best tennis kids in my area only played tennis and were extremely spoiled brats. They were the guys we would pick on before matches just to let them know their mind games would result in a post match throw down (I dont recommend this by the the other types of great players were the "young tennis bums". Basically kids who surfed, played tennis and were really chill. Just great players who were fun to play with. Those guys always got the most respect because they were excellent players and never cared about mind games. In all honesty it seemed like they figured out how to enjoy life about 40 years ahead of time and just had an ideal mentality for tennis.
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