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Default How Do You Know If Your Child Has "It"?

In another thread in this section a few of the posters who are coaches describe players who have "it". What is "it" and how do you know if your child has "it"? Is it something that you see in a child from the time they start playing or can "it" be developed. If you have "it" does a child always have "it" even if they have long layoffs from injury or burnout, etc?

From the time my son started playing I've had strangers (parents and coaches) come up to compliment me on his playing ability. Even when he loses strangers compliment him and tell him that he was the better player. They tell me that they love the way he moves, how he fights for every point and how much pace he can generate for his size. TIs that "it"? Or am I a deluded parent? I love watching him play and sometimes think it would great for him to play professionally but at the same time I know how exceedingly difficult it is and we are heading towards the college route.

I would love to hear the opinions of those of you who have experience. Thanks.
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