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yes this should be an interesting thread. as for my little guy @ 8, he's technically solid/clean from both sides and he's the kid that will run through a fence to get the ball. i have to sometimes make him hit 2 bounces on wide balls because he's about to do a header on the court. i'm convinced hiis work ethic and drive is not the norm for 8 year old. my sample of of his peers are small, but i haven't seen any kids doing push ups or running or working with resistance bands on their own, but i'm sure there are many out there. it must have skipped a generation since i never had this motivatiion when i played juco tennis. once he's competing then we'll see if he's got "it". i'm optimistic but wouldn't be disappointed. just glad we get to spend time on the court 4-5 days a week at this age.
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