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I am going to give you the same advice I would give any junior.

It is done. We had our chance in March before the vote went through.

Not one section wanted it, but they were all forced into it.

If you didn't agree to it as a sectional, you were fired. Two folks were.

If you want to vent here, feel free to do so.

If you want action, write to your section, national office, Hannity and the press.

(And to the press - please ask why were ITFs cut in this large country of ours?)

When not writing, make the best of the bad situation.

And if your high school team is not the pits, play it.

Try to get to state, and call the college coaches then and ask them to come watch you.

Good luck.

( And my new focus is the refs and their small pay that barely covers the gas to a tournament 3 hours away.

Can't the USTA kick over some? Why do tournaments have so few refs?

That is my focus on what CAN BE changed........)

Sadly, for American junior tennis, we probably have to wait 2-4 years before the USTA realizes their "uh-oh" mistake

like they did when they cut the BOYS 12 competition because they thought that was a good idea too..........

The 2010 changes, 2012 changes and finally the 2014 changes ( they took it away slowly, maybe to lessen the pain)

is like watching a train about to crash except our kids are on it with Pat as the conductor.

Too bad that American junior tennis is run by a few folks who can't be voted out.

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