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i've had my two londons for a few weeks now.

it's as comfy on the arm as advertised. mine are strung with full poly at 50 pounds and my arm, wrist, elbow and shoulder are holding up great. it's not quite as comfortable as an exo3 tour though.

it's a lot more powerful than i was expecting and this is with full poly. with full multi or syn gut it might be too much - at least for me.

spin is very good but not quite standout. it's not as good at spin as say an exo3 tour, or juice 100, or aeropro drive, or pure drive. i wanna try 18 gauge string and see if i can get a little more spin. it's an open pattern but it seems a little densely packed in the center of the racquet.

stability is really really good. it plays like a 12 ounce racquet in terms of stability and solid feel. i think because of the balance it also makes it feel slightly sluggish. TW lists the swingweight at 311 but my two feel much much more sluggish than that.

quality control on these seem less than stellar. i have full poly in both sticks. same tension. no overgrips. boris becker vibe damp. one stick weighs 318 grams. the other 327 grams.

can any other owners weigh their londons please?
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