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Originally Posted by Tcbtennis View Post
Although Djokovic is an excellent mover and gets in perfect position to strike the ball, he has difficulty in the wind because his feet are planted too soon. He does not adjust for the last second movement of the ball due to the wind because he is set too soon. As a result he is off balance when he strikes the ball. He needs to keep his feet moving with those tiny adjustment steps until the last second.
This could also relate to his overheads..along with the gumby arms of course. Federer, Nadal, Agassi, Hewitt, Ferrer, even Murray do seem to use those adjustment steps a lot more and are/were far less affected by the wind. Djoke's almost reliant on his ridiculous flexibility when it comes to difficult shots rather than conventional footwork though still he's one of the best movers ever, maybe just works against him in wind and even grass a bit where the footing isn't as secure.
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