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Thank you tennis5 for the background on this forum
I dont party much and didnt participate on your forum but did observe
and I did give input to USTA prior to 2011 changes vehemently in summer 2010
but of course just heard the inadequate rationales that have failed to be fulfilled. Thanks for all your right on analogies re train(s).
What is DONE is that the USTA passed something Bad in March 2014 Yes
However there is a clear mandate from the players,parents, coaches, TD's, and industry and now with a little media exposure that these changes are not supported by membership and affiliates served.
What is also DONE is 2011 and much of 2012 living with the changes and their adverse affects on participation,tournament directors, and economies.
The systemic boiling point IS reached with these 2014 changes.
We all get burnt out and dont want to be bothered in futility.
But like this great game of tennis, as we teach our kids it might be 2-5 in the 3rd of this match,
but there's another match tomorrow and the day after that.
It aint OVER. It is not 2013 yet. There will be more meetings.
The train will come around again and our bags need be packed.
MORE Media exposure and high profile support, tennis stars, celebrities
need be involved. All that is asked is a fair and accountable participation
in process of determining structure of participants served.
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