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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
You went hardcore into music producer mode rather I see you are still doing it, thats a good thing. Make sure to balance that cave time with the DAW with some tennis time outside. It really helps to have that balance.
Hell yeah I'm still producing. I haven't made any Electro-bangers as of late, I've been focusing more on finding my own sound instead of trying to make the next big-room anthem. Right now that sound is either disco or house music that's literally as many different kinds of percussion as I can squeeze into the mix. No bass, no lead, no nothing. Just boring, static, house with about a dozen different kinds of percussion. Regarding the disco, I've taken a page out of Tom Terje's book and tried to make entire tracks out of just one VST to beef up my sound design skills. And yes, it all still sucks. Royally. I'm thinking of switching up my setup and starting fresh, basically ditching all my VSTs and getting Reason and slaving it to Live. Any suggestions?

As for the tennis time, I wish!! I don't have my stuff with me at school and I'm already working out a ton; lifting every day, biking 5+ miles a day and swimming a few thousand yards per week. I wish I could play more tennis though.

Music has nothing to do with what tools are used though. Literally nothing. It's all about sound and everything else is the journey to that sound that no one cares about except people who are learning to produce.

As for me, I currently like Kastle, Com Truise, FM attack, Tycho to name a few.
Truth. Since I'm still learning to produce
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