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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Yeah it can get really overwhelming with all the vsts and plugs..etc. From what you are doing, it sounds like maybe getting a sampler like an MPC would be an awesome investment. Just to be able to load all your samples on those pads, be freed from the computer and only have the filters in the device to sculpt sound can be incredibly inspiring. Also the feel of the drums from the mpc is so good..perfect timing with feel.

I love hardware so much for making tracks. If I get a chance to sit down and write now, I always come up with better ideas chilling on my sofa with a bass or drum machine then being in work mode on my computer.
Yeah I tried out the MPC, I found it more suited to hip-hop though. Still an awesome little tool for cutting stuff up, however. I'll get one at one point or another. I too enjoy hardware, I have a little 25-key MIDI controller that I sometimes take out and turn off my screen and just mess about. I'd like to, at some point, get a real hardware synth and just record stuff straight off that.
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