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in SoCal.. you go to a sanctioned open jr. tournament,60 out of 100 families think that their kid(s) has ""IT"" .. I've been around tennis quite a long time.. my criteria for the ""IT"" is simple.. you'll see the way your kid sees the ball.. 1 of the very few kids I've seen has ""IIT"" .. I said it on these boards a few years ago.. and that kid is Christian Harrison .. I can tell that he sees everything .. his eyes are better than Jack Sock(another one).. after that ,it's just about working you butt off to make things happen ... DB doesn't know how to see everything,like those guys.. .. I haven't seen Koslov play so I can't say.. but here's the thing.. if your kid is young,it can be taught ... it's not a ''GOD-giving talent""
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