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Originally Posted by JohnB View Post
What puzzles me is that the lighter Travlerajm racket has virtually the same MgR/I and the same shape of the curve. But if you add weight at the center of a racket, the shape of the curve also remains the same, but MgR/I increases.
I don't think it is strange that they behave differently since they describe different things. The curve describes a swing, admittedly a very simplified and crude swing, but a least a swing where you apply a force to the racquet. MgR/I describes what happens when you attach the racquet to a cuckoo clock (exaggerating a little .

You can find other placements of the weight that might change the curve, but not MgR/I. For example you can add 10 kg at the but end or at a point around 48 cm without changing MgR/I.

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