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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
I am hearing that now. It was more of an electic or electronic guitar. Sharp, twangy, metallic sounds. (i just hope i don't have the band wrong). Were there any albums named "Yes - I" and "Yes - II" (numbers one and two, the discography on Wiki does not list such names). I've heard a bunch of stuff on YT and none of it is what i remember.
Senti, you got me...from the early 70's, electric guitar instrumental artists ranged from Jeff Beck, The Allman Brothers Band, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Santana, Focus, Yes, Jimi Hendrix...good luck! Yes never numbered their albums...maybe you're thinking of Chicago's Terry Kath...he had an acid rock feel to his guitar work on their first albums, which are numbered Roman style from Chicago II on...the first was called Chicago Transit Authority before they were ordered to cease and desist from using that name by the City of Chicago and their lawyers.
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