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If the pics in the OP show what they appear to show - strips of woven graphite cloth - it's probably false advertising. A braid is woven, but a weave is not braided. You can clearly see in the pics of the naked K Pro Staff 88 what a braid looks like: the graphite strands are woven and continuous from tip to tail - a continuous braid of graphite starting on one side of the handle, going up and around to form the head and then back down to the other side of the handle. (They then put a separate throat piece in and put on the handle.) This is how "braided" has been defined in the tennis industry since the 80s.

They should have just said "woven graphite with Tungsten", blah, blah. And I'm sure they would say "That's what we meant!" in a court of law.

It does appear that there are some metallic threads in the graphite weave on the Babolat. Tungsten, or something else?
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