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I strung a couple of Fisher rackets night very similar to these rackets. 16 mains skip 8 H & T and top tie offs are 6H & 7H. I use a six point stringer and the side support are just a little in the way when clamping the outside mains at thee head. the holds the clamp just a little off the frame and makes thclamp a little farther from the tie off. What I did was to skip the 7th mains and each side and strung the outside mains then the 7th mains last. This allows me to clamp closer to the frame and also puts the clamps closer to the 6H tie off so there was little or no drawback. It also holds the string from 6H to 9H off the center of 8H so there is no blocked hole. Then I tie the top Cross at 7H.
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