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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
There is a lot of good music being made in the electronic genre. The movement back to the 80s synth era is awesome. Of course i have always loved jan hammer soundtracks, and the miami vice It is just good melodic composing. I hate dubstep and feel like that is what people think of right now when they think of electronic.
Interesting take. I don't personally like much dubstep, (although one track I have in my set is xKore - Last Words, which is quite good) simply because it lacks dynamics and originality. Nowadays it's just throw a vowel filter on the chain after FM8, Zebra or Massive and (then smash it to pieces through a pirated copy of Ozone) see what comes out. I dig older dubstep that was around 5-6 years ago, mainly because it was almost all rhythmic and didn't really have anything huge about it, just a bassline and interesting percussion.

I agree about the movement back to the 80s in terms of style is awesome, I've been digging lots of stuff by FutureCop! at the moment (check out the MPM remix of their track "starworshipper") as well as Tesla Boy, FM Attack, et. all. For me, though, I'm really into French House and have been doing my fare share of digging (Ourvais, Cherokee, etc...) which is always fun.

And there's always Eric Prydz, who NEVER disappointing. But he's a genre of his own.
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