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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Rios was a royal headcase. I remember watching him when he ascended to #1 and he destroyed Agassi in the Miami final, I was really impressed, he looked like an Agassi with better foot speed and a slightly better serve. However around the same time when it came to big matches in slams he flopped like a fish out of water. Absolute pathetic virtual tank of the Australian Open final to Korda. A lackluster effort in losing to Moya at the French. Then a complete tank vs Larsson at the U.S Open. He did have to deal with alot of injuries but his attitude was terrible and he never had the will or heart of a champion.

He wouldnt have had the toughest era to win slams in either. 1998-2002 was mostly weaker than even the Federer era.

It was sad his career came to that.. But he showed especially against in Miami in that match you're alluding to just how much crazy talent he truly had.. And he showed it a few other times.. I believe it was Safin who said Rios had the talent to be a double digit slam winner.

Rios (on his game and not head casing it) was one of the better players I saw from a pure ability standpoint in the last two years..

When people say who should have had a ton of slams, I got Rios' name right in there with guys like Safin, Nalbandian, Stich and Muster and a few others. These were some of those most pure talented players Ive seen..

But it of course there is more to tennis then just talent and ability.. Very few can bring it all together both mentally and physically and keep their focus and continuing their wanting to improve

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