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With Denver's D, and the addition of a passing QB, Denver should make the playoffs easily. When D holds opponent's to 23 points a game, your offense should be able to exceed that most games.
GB has a different problem. Their offense is good enough, but the D gives up more points than 30 quite often. Running up the score is great for spectators and fans, but usually not the winning championship formula.
49'ers seem to have some good balance, having robbed the Giants a bit. But we don't expect Alex to keep up his TD/turnover ration like the did last year and this first game.
RG111 has a great scheme behind him. Strong upper tier team, but a stretch for the playoffs in that heavy division.
Ravens D is always keeping them in the game, even if Flacco can score 19 points, it can be enough.
Bucs underachieved the last 3 years. Have a tough D.
NewEngland, now under the radar a bit, even though they played in the Bowl, have similar problems as GB. They score tons, but give up tons through a porous D.
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