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Default Wilson H19 and Pro Stock Blade

Over the past couple of years, I've owned and hit pretty much every retail Wilson there is and almost all of their pro stocks. I'm pretty much done the same with Head as well. I won't bore you with the list, just want to share my conclusions and ask some questions related to these if I may?

My 'favourite' Head pro stocks have been the much vaunted pt57a, pt57e, pt161 and tgk 269.1. I love serving with the pt57e, love hitting groundies and the general feel of the pt57a and really like the heavy ball from the 161 and 269.1. I'm still leaning toward an extended open pattern pt57a in theory at least being my ultimate stick but as I have to use Wilson, have been looking for the Wilson equivalent.

My Wilson search is pretty well up to date and includes open pattern custom drilled Juice Pro's, open pattern h22's, numerous 6 1 95 and Classic pro stocks in various patterns and layups, the Dimitrov 93 and the Federer Stock 90.

Most recently I came across some pro stock XL Blades in open pattern. There seems to be some confusion identifying the h19. From what I can see, the difference between the Blade and the h19 is most obvious from the rounded edges on the outside of the head of the blade. Is that correct? Does the h19 have more of a square beam?

Any idea what pro/pro's may use/have used this Blade racquet?

Have to say that this Blade may well be for me at least, the best yet. Lovely combination of flex, spin and power. A bit like an open pattern pt57e perhaps, a very good compromise on a lot of fronts.

Further to this, has anyone out there hit an open pattern h19? Is there anyone on your that uses such a racquet? Effectively it would be the Wilson equivalent of the Andy Murray open pattern pt57a but with a slightly stiffer head?

Has anyone out there hit the open pattern blade/h19/h22? What were your impressions?

Has anyone out there hit with the Janko Tipsarevic stick? Sounds from what I've read a bit like an open pattern pt57e also?

I'm a little confused with this H22 racquet. For a racquet with a flex of 64, it plays much stiffer than that. Doesn't feel anything like a radical to me, may look like one but flexes quite differently to me? I understand that there are different layups of this racquet where some are quite flexy? There must be because the ones that I have hit feel very stiff and almost harsh when I've hit with them? Has anyone else had this experience?

Please let me know your thoughts, I'd love to hear others experiences with these racquets.
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