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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
The Tennis Channel (and plenty of players) are subject to that dreaded disease known as "black and white flavor of the month," also known as "hyperbolic prisoner of the moment".

They will say that player X is the greatest right after X wins a tournament right now, but it will player Y in a month, and player Z in another month. Plus they will say "of all time" when they really mean "that I have played" or "that I have ever seen" or "that I know of."

Here's an example:
"For me she's the greatest player of all time," Azarenka said. "She took the game to the next level.
"She makes me always make sure that I'm taking my game, my personality, my physical aspect to the next level.
"Today I was close. I'm going to have, for sure, another opportunity to make something better. That's what I'm looking for."
That's been the case of sports reporters in general over the years.

In the Open Era alone how many top ranked players at the end of the year haven't been called the Greatest of All Time?

Laver, Connors, Borg, McEnroe, Sampras, Federer, Nadal have been called GOAT if I recall correctly. I don't recall Lendl, Edberg, Becker, Newcombe or Roddick being called the GOAT. Lendl wasn't that liked and I can see that as a possible reason why he wasn't called the GOAT but his records are up there.

Anyway that's at least seven players in 44 years being called the GOAT. I think a possible GOAT should have less than seven players in such a short time.

Guys like Sampras and Agassi have sometimes changed their minds on some players.

Of course if you are including players called the GOAT who played in the Open Era you can include Gonzalez, Hoad, Rosewall. That would make it ten players.

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