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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
Senti, you got me...from the early 70's, electric guitar instrumental artists ranged from Jeff Beck, The Allman Brothers Band, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Santana, Focus, Yes, Jimi Hendrix...good luck! Yes never numbered their albums...maybe you're thinking of Chicago's Terry Kath...he had an acid rock feel to his guitar work on their first albums, which are numbered Roman style from Chicago II on...the first was called Chicago Transit Authority before they were ordered to cease and desist from using that name by the City of Chicago and their lawyers.
Never heard of any of these other than Santana which I've heard a lot.

I've heard all the Yes's on YT last night and it's none of them. Just can't think of another band name. Forget it. I think if i do finally find it, it just won't be as enjoyable as i think it was.

Yesterday, I heard Rick Wakeman's Journey to the Center of the Earth which i used to like as a kid. Somehow, I felt nothing while hearing it again. It seemed childish.
They never see you coming, do they, Tom ?
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