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Techno rocks. I have spent many a great late night at clubs all over the world rocking out to techno... Womb (Toyko), Zouk (Singapore), Berghaim/Panorama bar/Watergate/Tresor (Berlin) etc. > seen guys like Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Dave Clarke, Juan Atkins, Claude Young, Carl Craig, Surgeon, The Advent, Kevin Saunderson, Octave One etc.

The current era of techno is really top notch too. When it went all minimalistic for a few years it eventually got a little niche and high-brow but there is plenty of great stuff happening all over the place now.

Of recent times I'd say Vince Watson's 'Every Soul Needs a Guide' album from earlier this year is one of the best moments. Although not complete party techno Watson has been consistently one of the best in the business for years.

All class > (it's not techno in a traditional sense but since he's a techno guy and it's made with a techno sensibility so it gets credit regardless)

Renato Cohen's album from about two years back was also amazing. It's more clubbing oriented that Watson's but the man has talent. >

Am waiting for Robert Hood's album due shortly under his Floorplan guise. The guy has been a visionary for about 20 years right back to his Internal Empire album (remastered recently) and even earlier.

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