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Originally Posted by Long Face View Post
I have a Babolate Pure Storm Tour GT that I used earlyer this year, which has been badly scratched up. Paint is soft and thick on this racquet, prone to paint chipping. I don't think I can sell it for a good price, so I had some fun with it.

I stripped the paint and looked at what the "GT Technology" is about.

24 hours bathed in paint stripper, and lots of elbow grease with a stripping pad
sorry if my question doesn´t go to the core of your thread, but i´m very interested in how you were able to get the paint of the racket. i did that with a couple of mine that i wanted to repaint and it took a long time and was very difficult.

could you elaborate on what kind of paint stripper you used and what exactly you mean by bathing it?
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