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Originally Posted by helloworld View Post
Federer is as introvert as one can get. He doesn't have coach for years. He never EVER look into his box or anyone for support. This is the definite sign of extreme introversion. Federer is extremely introvert, but he is not SHY. There is a big difference between being shy and being an introvert.
I agree, that upon more consideration that Federer is more likely to be an introvert. He has a deep and intense inner focus and as you say, he rarely looks up to his box, and keeps his feelings to himself on the court for the most part, until those pent up emotions sometimes must be revealed. But I don't think he is 'extremely' introverted, just that leans more towards that side, but it isn't like he would register as 100% introverted on personality typology tests. I can relate to being introverted but most certainly not shy, and can often be the most vocal in group settings and have a tremendous amount of energy, but after these excursions I must recharge my mind and I feel truly exhausted quite often. On the other hand, I know E types who derive much more of their energy from others, but still remain shy and even quiet.

Most people do not understand how to differentiate between introversion and extroversion. In fact, most grossly misunderstand the terms.
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