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Originally Posted by TennisLovaLova View Post
I was in berlin 2 months ago
very tough to enter Berghain, the physio at the door is a psycho
after 1 hours waiting we went inside, to hear Ben Klock mixing
very pure and very minimal sound
Ha ha... many people have stories about trying to get into Berghain. The huge mean-looking guy with the shaved head is pretty intimidating huh! I'm always with people so haven't had issues yet.

I have had many a good night there and also seen some crazy **** up at Panorama bar too... and that huge picture on the wall of the **** always catches first-timers out.

Originally Posted by TennisLovaLova View Post
At the time in 94-95 I travelled a lot in Europe so I went to belgium and that's where I discovered techno, in the Fuse and Cherry Moon
Also went to the mayday in dortmund in 97 and love parade in berlin in 2000

Last year for NYE we had jamie jones, maceo plex and loco dice at pacha marrakech
great party
Nice one. That era was good time for techno when you could avoid the cheesy rave stuff which was happening at the same time.

I've always loved the guys who a mixed bag style like Tenaglia and Danny Howells as well - playing long sets which have disco, house, tribal, techno etc all in one. It takes way more skill to do it well over a 6+ hour period than it does to play a bunch of hits for 90 minutes like most of the cheesy guys do nowdays.
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