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Originally Posted by Hi I'm Ray View Post
Haha, what a rip. The frames sure don't feel like braided or continuous fiber graphite. Although I guess it could actually count as being a layer in the graphite lay up (look for racket manufacturing vids on youtube) and it might have some effect on feel. Worse is probably the clear window view of the blue foil layer on Dunlop Aerogel and 4D rackets. I wonder if the APD and PD would feel better and transmit less shock if they actually used more dampening material such as kevlar or basalt throughout the frame instead of pulling this crap.
That's my hypothesis too; the GT layers are not the external plies in the carbon fibre layup.

An individual ply is typically 1mm thick, and any carbon fibre or graphite composite is usually made up of bunch of plies with the fibres oriented in different directions, with woven and unidirectional plies.

I'm not suggesting the OP do this but if you were to sand through the rcket you'd be able to see the different ply orientations, almost like rings on a tree.

An example with fibreglass;
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