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Originally Posted by Tennishacker View Post
You have it back wards. Kid has to have the ball striking first, it's something that they either have it or not.
You mean you 'think' I have it backwards. We disagree and I don't think IMG is asking either of us anyway. Like I said, it's my opinion and others have their thoughts, which I enjoy reading and contemplating.

In my observations, SOOO many parents and coaches get all excited when the 6 or 7 year old is nailing the ball in the center of the racket and its zipping over. I've seen it for years. But it turns out that very few of these kids have the insane work ethic and movement and mental fortitude that this game requires.

On the flip side, when you see the 6 or 7 yr old with great movement and 'you can't believe he got to that ball' and shows freakish determination and passion for the game...funny how good their ball striking gets after hitting on the backboard for 5 hours a day, every day.
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