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Originally Posted by TennisLovaLova View Post
Actually there's a new wave on the techno scene with new american dj and producers rising. If you like dj's mixing very different styles you're gonna love Seth Troxler, a true detroit product.

Also, there's still the king richie hawtin..
I'm a Detroit lover from way back so Hawtin's thing isn't really my bag. I've seen him shred a few times but he's also quite famous for completely bombing probably 20% of his gigs because he just does he thing regardless of whether the crowd are into it. It's the downside of touring non-stop, often these guys have no local benchmark to go on when they step up to the deck - or laptop in case. He's done tons to further the techno style of DJing in terms of Traktor but I'm more into the Derrick May sort of style - rough, raw and much more varied in the sorts of music played > and by someone who will do whatever it takes to get a floor rocking. Hawtin DJs more with a band mentality nowdays - he will play his set and the crowd can take it or leave it.

Troxler is not totally my thing but is cool for sure. Would prefer to see him over 95% of the DJs out there.

You're not missing anything by not going to Ibiza if you're into techno. The vast majority of techno guys who play there tone their selection down majorly for the mostly cluless crowds that go there. Whenever something gets a rep in Ibiza the pressure is on the promoters to make it as big as possible because they know they've only got a couple of years to make $$ before they're gone (Loco Dice - remember when he was Mr Big in Ibiza?.. where is he now? The crowds they got ended up being totally antisocial drug addicts which will never work out for more than a season or two). Definitely better to see them at one of the European weekender festivals or in a club - unless you just want the big beach-side party experience.

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