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Originally Posted by mikej View Post
not necessarily the best role model for your son, but:

i once played a guy in the 18s who yelled "that's what i'm talking about - all day" after any slightly extended rally that he won

stayed quiet, used it as motivation to give everything i had to outgrind the punk, eventually won 6-3 in the 3rd after hearing that ringing in my ears well over 50 times

we're both walking up to the net, i stop at the service line and start yelling at him "that's what i'm talking about" probably 5-7 times before he gives up on me shaking his hand and walks off the court

so, get the last laugh by winning the match, and avoid being an *** at the end if you can help it - if not, let him hear it

Acting like an idiot to another idiot - probably not the best advice to give in the Junior forum. It does explain your posts in the " Peliwo, Kreuger, Kozlov, and DB" thread though.
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