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Default TW Professor: Spin window variance between two similar frames?

I'm considering switching from my Slazenger Pro Braided 95 to a racquet with a 90 square in headsize, so "spin window" is a critical piece of data I'm using in my search for suitable frames to demo.

At the top of my list currently is the Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 90 which has a spin window of 5.71 inches. The previous generation of this racquet, the Wilson BLX Six.One Tour, has almost identical specs (beam width, string pattern, stiffness, etc) but has a spin window of just 5.29 inches.

From my research, "spin window" is calculated based on the following:

racquet beam width opposite hitting location
stringbed width at hitting location
ball speed in
ball angle in
ball spin in
racquet impact location speed
racquet swing angle
racquet tilt
impact angle (a composite of above angles and speed)
exit angle (depends on friction between strings and ball)
how far the ball will slide on the strings

So why are these two nearly identical frames have almost a 1/2" difference in their spin windows?
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